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Factious composition, distillation

Dist D-1160 CC

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Dist D-1160 CC
ASTM D 1160
Automatic equipment Semiautomatic equipment Equipment for undertaking the test in manual mode ( Equipment, requiring obligatory professional montage on place of installation Equipment which works under management external PC only  Equipment having standard ports of printer/data communication RS232 or grapher Accompanyinging package of software runs on shell Windows 
 Dist D-1160 CC
210-047Automatic Vacuum Distillation Apparatus acc. to ASTM D-1160
Characteristic: calculation of the distillation data and monitoring and printing of the distillation curves, boiling temperatures (ACT and AET), charge temperatures, distillation rate versus the yield (vol.-%)
recalling of distillation protocols and curves at any time
automatic calibration of volume measuring system delivers accurate detailed distillation data calculation of charge, which has to be filled in the flask, according to the receiver temperature and the charge density
adjustable physical units (torr = mmHg, mbar, hPa, C, F)
system is delivered ready for use
automatic cleaning program procedure
automatic shut down procedure (cooling phase etc.)
The distillation is performed fully automatically from the Initial Boiling Point (IBP) to the detected or preselected End Boiling Point (EBP). The criteria for a distillation end are:
the EBP in AET-temperature is exceeded
the preselected distillate volume is exceeded
the maximum limits of heating bath temperature or flask temperature are exceeded
product cracking in the flask by 3 different process criteria
vacuum loss
The distillate volume is automatically measured in a temperature controlled receiver. The heating mantle is controlled by the preselected distillation rate.
Technical Data
Operation Temperature: max. 400 C
Boiling Range: max. 600 C AET (depending on product)
Operation Pressure Range: 0.1 - 760 mmHg
Operation Pressure (standard): 1 mmHg
Flask Size: 500 mL
Charge: 200 mL
Max. Ambient Temperature: 28 C
Mains Supply: 230 V, 50 Hz (or 60 Hz)
Power Consumption: approx. 3.5 kW
Dimensions (H x L x D): approx. 0.9 x 1.6 x 0.6 m
The following requirements are included:
actual temperature to atmospheric equivalent temperature conversion
built-in condenser for temperature range 25C - 90C
automatically controlled heating rate and distillation rate
detection of IBP through optical sensor
display of all distillation data on the monitor as the distillation progresses
RS 232 C for up-linking to external PC. PC with software for controlling the equipment.
unit is provided with safety alarms
devices for calibration of temperature sensors and vacuum sensor are included
the software covers also the washing run (with e.g. toluene or light naphtha etc.)
RS 232C data communication port for data transfer to PC
accessories and spares for two years operation
supply of maintenance and operation manuals along with delivery of the unit (wiring
diagrams are included)
RS 232 interface for connection to LIMS-software
Accessories and spare parts
210-048Set of spare parts for 1 year operation1
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